Do More Than Vote

October 12, 2010

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 days to give, you can do more to make a difference in this election.

  • Got 5 minutes?
  • Got 1 Hour?
  • Got an evening?
  • Got a weekend?
  • Got more time?

Got 5 minutes?

Know how to vote, where to vote and your voter rights.
This state-by-state guide tells you about early voting, polling locations, ID requirements and your rights as a voter.

Register your friends to vote online.
Rock the Vote lets you register your network through Facebook or your personal blog

Get your Absentee Ballot.
Available in all 50 states. Or remind a traveling friend to get one.

Update your Facebook status.
Let friends know about your latest political action.

Got 60 minutes?

Create a local voter guide.
Put together a ballot saying which candidates and ballot questions you’re supporting and why –then share on Facebook with your friends.

Recruit your neighbors.
If you login at (not a party-affiliated site), you can find and connect with other progressives in your zipcode — starting conversations about local issues or inviting them to volunteer. (you’ll need to create a username)

Email and Facebook your friends.
Friends vote when their friends remind them to. Take a few minutes to tell your friends who you are voting for, where you are volunteering and why.

Make calls from your desk, your couch, your park.
You can call-in anytime you’re at a computer to use a web-based method of contacting voters in critical swing areas. (between 9am and 9pm)

Got 1 evening?

Call voters from wherever you are
You can make calls on behalf of progressive candidates around the country by joining Call Out The Vote

Join other volunteers to call voters together.
There are phonebanks all over the country where you can go, meet other volunteers, get trained and call together.

  • scroll down to “Connect With OFA In Your State” and click your state
  • the new page will list local events in the right-hand column, feature a blog about volunteering and give you ways to contact local organizers

Got 1 weekend day?

Hit the streets and knock on doors.
There are different organizations in every area organizing “canvasses” — the opportunity to knock on voters’ doors. You can contact local campaigns or OFA chapters — or you can sign up through America Votes, tell them your location and your interests, and they’ll connect you to the right partner.

Got more time?

Volunteer for a local campaign.
Whether you have one weekend, a full week or the whole month, a campaign will happily take all the time you can give. And if they know you’re around for more than a day, they’ll even give you more responsibilities, if you’ll take them. You may become a team leader, help run phonebanks or lead canvasses…if that interests you.

Tell your local campaign you’re willing to help.
If there’s not a local campaign you know about, you can check out Democracy For America’s list of progressive candidates around the country. They are in red states and blue, running for all levels of office, and there is a link to volunteer for each one.

Got 5 dollars?

Support progressive candidates.